Josey and Mike at William Penn Inn, PA

I love the story how I met Mike and Josey. My wife Mary went to school at West Chester University with Mike back in the day. Go Rams! Ironically I went to West Chester too at the same time but our paths never crossed. I worked at the local bar in West Chester so I know Mike and I shared a beer or two at one time or another. Fast forward to this year when Mike was looking for a wedding photographer. Mary threw my name in the mix and here are we. We rocked an awesome engagement session in Philly, which I’m going to blog soon, and I really got to know Josey and Mike. They felt like old friends!

Josey was awesome and any girl who brings boas and blue shoes to her wedding is a winner in my book. Mike is a huge history buff so there is no surprise that they chose the William Penn Inn as the place to get married.

Take a look at their wedding photos and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. It was one awesome day and things even got a little crazy fun at the reception! Take a look for yourself!

A HUGE thanks to my friend and amazing photographer James for coming along and hanging out with us for the day.

Venue - William Penn Inn

Band - All About Me Band

Oh yeah, keep your eyes out for the photography ninja James. If you look close enough you might just find him!