The Farm at Oxford - Chester County, PA | John + Rebecca

If you didn’t know already John and Rebecca are both in the wedding business. The are also friends of mine and amazing people. Rebecca is one of the best wedding florists around and the owner of Ram Floral in the Philly area. So with that said there’s no surprise they chose to get married on a flower farm of one of her good friends at The Farm at Oxford. John is also a great friend of mine through Jiu Jitsu and both of us being wedding photographers we’ve hung out a few times. ;)

So, what do you do when two of your friends who have their fingers on the pulse of the wedding industry ask you to shoot their wedding? You consider it one of the biggest honors out there and do your best to tell their story in a way you only hope they will love and cherish.

There was lot of emotion throughout the day. Lots of laughs and even some tears. I get emotional at a lot of weddings but this one was different. This one was special and personal because it was two friends. If I had to define why I shoot weddings, it’s for days like this. 

Huge shout out to Cecilia Grace for being my second photographer for the day. Cecilia and I shoot together often and you can find some of her work over at Twisted Oaks Studio. You might find some of my photos there too if you look around. ; )

Alright, enough talking and lets check out some photos from John and Rebecca’s day!

Here are all our AWESOME vendors so go check them out after you’re done with the photos.

Venue: @thefarmatoxford 


HMUA @kiss_and_makeuppma 

Invitations: @houseofcatherine 

Rings: @lpriorijewlery 

dress: @bhldn 

suit: @bonobos 

shoes: @badgleymischka @colehann