Here is a little information about me and my second shooting. Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy my work!

GEAR Nikon D5 || D850 || Nikon 24, 35, 58, and 85 or 105 || 24-70/70-200 upon request

LIGHTING Godox + || MagMods || Profoto b2

I understand that as a second shooter I am working for you first above anything else. Professionalism and positivity is a must along with representation of your business and brand. Normally I like to travel light with a few primes when second shooting. Sometimes the 70-200 depending on the ceremony. This keeps me mobile and able to drop whatever I'm doing to assist the primary when needed. Whether that's grabbing a glass of water or holding a light stand. I have knowledge in OCF along with a great understanding of my gear. I love meeting good people and always work hard on my gigs. If this sounds like something that fits your style then I'm your guy. 

Enjoy a full gallery and then a few images from various weddings I have photographed. 

Thank you, Eric




Second for Steven Wu Photography


Whew, you  made it this far! Here's are some more from a few other weddings if you're up for it!